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I don’t know how to break this to you if you haven’t already heard.  (Takes a moment to pull herself together…) No. More. Twinkies.

I don’t know about you, but I am seriously concerned about what Americans are going to have for breakfast in the coming days.

My point is, Twinkies are in danger.  Just imagine if people in this country had to give up those 37 magical ingredients and go back to the dark days of eating bacon and eggs?  (During which we had significantly lower rates of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity…)

And what is the Twinkies Diet man going to eat?!?

We are all going to have to work to together through this crisis. Surely someone, or perhaps the government, will step up and save the Twinkie.  Shall we nationalize Hostess? With the appointment of a Monsanto VP as the FDA “food safety czar”, we might as well.

The beloved Twinkie, in history…



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I guess we all have a secret fantasy career wish. I actually have several: meteorologist, audiobook narrator, Supreme Court justice, Op-Ed writer, and… backup singer.

Oh yes. I would love to be part of a little trio of singers off to stage right, wearing cool outfits, choreographed down to the tiniest twitch, smooth as butter, providing that crucial musical element through our handheld microphones.

My bizarre aspiration probably began very early in life, as my two sisters and I watched music and dance shows together on TV.   And it began in spite of some pretty dreadful productions; a child doesn’t always notice things like “those ladies forgot to put on any pants,” or “why are those orange traffic flags stuck on top of music stand tripods?”  — both of which atrocities can be seen in this little number:

I do remember that we all wanted those boots.  (They were sometimes called go-go boots, but I remember we also called them “carriage boots,” pronounced like garage but with a “k” sound. And we all wanted white ones.)

But I digress.  I recently was encouraged by a friend to sign up for the harp ensemble that will play one piece in the upcoming Seattle concert of Julia Kay Jamieson.  Signing up this late, I don’t know for sure that they can still use me, but I received the score and it is fascinating. There are a number of sound effects and wonderful rhythmic elements.  (Did you know the harp can make sound effects? That’s a topic for another post.)

I don’t know whether Ms. Jamieson will play on the ensemble piece, or conduct it, or just take composer’s bows. I was kind of picturing her on stage with us, and then I saw this:

Well, bee bop a doo wap!  My imagination went into overdrive. Do we get handheld mics?  Do we get matching outfits?  Do we get boots?

Later, when I came back to reality, I was hunting on the internet to see if any recording of the piece has been made public. I did not find anything. But in the course of searching for the title “Between My Balloon and the Moon,” I came across quite a different balloon themed song.  Check out the plastic dress!!

I showed this to my teenage daughter, whose only response was “I am scarred for life.”  So no plastic dresses for my backup singer career I guess.

In concert: Julia Kay Jamieson, Sunday November 18, 2012 at 3:00 PM. St. Dunstan’s Church, 722 N. 145th St., Shoreline WA

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