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I’m sure I will have bad days ahead, where bears scare me, the septic pump fails, or a tree falls on the chicken coop. But the honeymoon in our new house is sweet indeed!

Running this morning on the Snoqualmie Valley Trail I came across…

I do believe that is a beaver dam. I have never seen them in Washington, though I knew we had them.

Coming back up my hill I saw my neighbors Peter, Paul & Mary (as I have named them). Mary is hanging back. She’s still shy with me…


And The Supremes…


As I ascended up my hill out of the fog, I wondered at the beauty of the sun in the forest. Our forest. Do we really get to live here?


The sign behind Sunny reads “Stewardship Forest.” The previous owners participated in a Federal program that no longer exists, which was to encourage native tree planting on private lands.  They planted over 2,000 trees on this property. Little seedlings that now stand at 4-7 feet among the “second growth” trees.

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WOODS!!! Lots and lots of woods.  Also moss.  Creek whispering, owls hooting, fireplace crackling…   Did I mention moss?


Unlike certain other individuals who were visiting Grandma, we did not go over the river etc. for just a social call.  We have moved!

Our new home is lovely and peaceful, and every day I keep expecting a bill because it feels like a vacation home to be here. Feels like a vacation home, not a vacation! From about two weeks before the move (mid November) until now I have been so swamped with chores, problems and thousands of little tasks that my “real life” has disappeared. I am just now seeing it peep around the corner at me — it is possibly considering accompanying me here at the new house.  In celebration, I hereby blog!

Family and pets have settled in nicely.  Between the fireplace and the heated floor in the bathroom, Pilot has officially become the laziest cat in King County.


As musicians, the Mr. and I are loving how this house will be a great place for playing, teaching, ensemble rehearsals, and (when the weather warms up) making music en plein air!  The house was even once owned by a famous musician. I cannot say who lest some creepy internet person might google it and start sending us fruitcakes or other intrusive communications.

May you enjoy your own version of going over rivers and through woods during this holiday season.


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