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I cannot believe it is only the beginning of August.  I think I might wonder at this every year, but it might be like childbirth — you just forget.

With all the lovely grey (no sarcasm – I really like it) that is our Normal Weather, it just seems impossible that a whole month of sunshine was just the beginning of summer, and that we have more to come.  Such weather was also a metaphor for busy times in July…  we have a lot more summer to go!

Here are some photo highlights from the past month….


Mt. Rainier from Snoqualmie neighborhood. One clear day after another…. is this my world?

One of many abandoned train tunnels on the Iron Goat Trail. By going both directions on the trail and doubling back, we got 14 miles out of it.


Mr. K was awesome – though not a runner these days, he jogged-with-walk-breaks the whole 14 miles with me, even after falling and scraping up his elbow and leg. You can see the abrasion in this picture.


I enjoyed participating in the “Harper’s Circle” at the Enumclaw Highland Games, the one time/place all month where I actually got cold. (You can see me shivering on the far left in the picture.) It was so much fun that I think I will do more of these next summer (we have several Scottish Highland Games in this area), but I will bring along some good Scottish wool! I had such a cute outfit on too – and had to cover it all with one of my husband’s “emergency sweatshirts” from the back of his car. Sigh.



In the midst of having family visitors from out of town, we scrambled to get a couple of beds ready for our close friends who live a stone’s throw from the Mt. Si fire that broke out in late July. It was a close call, but they were able to stay in their home after all.



I brought my smaller harp on a 2 day getaway to The Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort in Leavenworth WA. One of the most peaceful spots on earth.


There are two videos up this week on YouTube, and I hope to post more in the next couple of weeks.  Please subscribe to my channel, HarpMyDay, if you would like to see updates.

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Just a minute, let me get my head out of this paper bag.  OK. I think I’m done hyperventilating.

I have a YouTube video!  My deepest thanks go to my clever and creative daughter, who did the filming and spent hours with the somewhat frustrating iMovie while trying not to use bad words in front of her mother.  I don’t know how I could have done it without you, Helen!

If it seems like I’m making a fuss over one humble little production, let me just explain that I have enormous anxiety about being filmed (or photographed for that matter) while I am playing. It took me a year of standing on the threshold before I finally got the nerve for this.  Fortunately, I don’t think it will be a whole year before I repeat the feat.



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Some people call it “Junuary.”  Some people seem surprised every year… where is summer?!?  It doesn’t help much that we nearly always get a burst of warmth and sunshine in May.

I confess, I like the grey. And most of the time, I like seeing it spelled with an e. It’s not a big deal, but the e somehow transforms a bleak day to a more romantic version, as if we are talking about the coast of Scotland rather than rush hour in downtown Seattle.

The grey weather is certainly not good news for outdoor events, and it strikes terror in the heart of harpists, whose precious instruments must be kept dry.  But I do like the light, and the cool air. I have no plans to move south, and I vow to remember that when tempted to complain.

So here is the beginning of my blog. I’m afraid it is a pretty wimpy start. Downright grey in fact. Bear with me; “it’ll burn off.”



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