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Did you know that it kinda hurts if you walk around grinning for too long?  Oh well. I can take it.

Things move fast in L.A.  Last week I blogged about Vinnie Tortorich’s podcast, and today I am on the show!  http://vinnietortorich.com/2013/10/angriest-trainer-191-cynthia-kuni-bs-fitness-devices/

That’s two separate topics, by the way: 1) cynthia-kuni and 2) bs-fitness-devices. I am the last person you’d want to interview about bs fitness devices, unless you just want to listen to growling.

It was a great experience — so much fun!  Vinnie and Anna are hilarious and they were both so nice.  I am really better at writing than speaking, so I am thrilled that I did not (I think) say anything stupid.  I enjoyed their questions, their banter, Anna’s Bart Simpson Squirrel imitation, and their sincere interest in my little life.  I had a blast!

As promised, part of my follow-up is to recommend Vinnie Tortorich’s book, Fitness Confidential.  A combination of fitness wisdom and autobiography, it is a fun and informative read. Also, I pretty much love any book that makes me laugh out loud.  Fitness Confidential is very different from other fitness books because Vinnie Tortorich is so different. The life he has led and his experiences are unlike anyone else.  Get the book!  🙂


For anyone who noticed I was preparing for a marathon all summer, I have a follow-up on that too: “Discretion is the better part of valor.”  I reported in September that my long runs were not going very well, and that I thought it might be the unusual heat we’ve had this summer.   A week later a had a pretty horrible long run in fairly cool conditions.  I am insanely optimistic sometimes, but I am not insane.

Facing reality, I switched to the Half Marathon.  That was the slowest half I have ever run, which made me think, “good call.”  On the other hand, I ran hard, and did very well from an Effort point of view. I passed runners continuously after mile 5 and pushed myself hard enough to still be sore today, three days later.  My two main requirements for an event are 1) have fun and 2) finish strong (on the same day I started).  Check, check.

I now have a special message from the part of my brain that is dedicated to full-time worrying.  Someone is going to read about my running “problem,” or hear me discuss it on Vinnie’s podcast, and they are going to say, “Oh, see? You lose the carbs and your endurance falls apart.”  That is what we call a Belief Based Solely On Wishing.  I have been low-carb for much longer than I have been experiencing a problem.  There is too much personal information for me to try to express what I think is happening, so let me just share my last six marathon finish times with you.   Eating gels and sugar:   4:38,  4:48,   4:21.  Eating nothing:  4:21,   4:25,   4:21.  I believe this is the part where Vinnie would say, “So go f—  ”  I mean, “Have a nice day.”

Next up, Seattle Marathon?  I might be ready, I might not.  But my half-m gave me a lot of motivation and Vinnie & Anna inspire me and keep me smiling.

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